Focusing in Ireland

Online Focusing Skills Foundation Course 2022-2023

with: Marta Fabregat

When: 5th September 2022 - 8th May 2023

Where: Online - Zoom

First Steps on your Focusing Journey

A Comprehensive introduction to Focusing Skills


What is Focusing?

Focusing is gentle and profound. It is a natural way of paying attention to oneself and others that is based in concrete inner experience.
By focusing inwardly and listening to your body, you can understand how you truly feel about your circumstances, a specific situation or a relationship. Embracing the flow of feelings in a non-judgmental way offers a fresh and new transformational process.

And that results in forward flow of well-being, balance and self-awareness.

Focusing allows access to deeper levels of awareness, wisdom, and self-guidance that reside inside each of us. Through an easily learned, step-by step process, Focusing teaches how to turn our attention inside our bodies where we carry all our personal experiences, memories, sensations, emotions and feelings, even parts that we never thought there were there.

It offers a creative and quietly profound way of being even with what we find most difficult and challenging. In focusing we are often pleasantly surprised by fresh or new spaces emerging, even from ‘impossibly stuck’ places.


Focusing Skills Foundation Course
60 hours BFA Certified
This Course is year 1 of the Professional Focusing Training certified by TIFI ( The international Focusing Institute) – (prerequisite to Practitioner-Professional level certification)

Live Online Focusing Course: Module 1 of 5 (Up to 8 participants only)

Dates for 6 sessions:

Day & Time: Monday Mornings 10 am – 12 pm Irish & UK time
Module 1: First steps in your Focusing Journey: An Introduction
(6th September to 11th October)

The 5 Modules;
Titles and dates for the 5 Modules


Module 1: First steps in your Focusing Journey: An introduction
(5th September to 10th October)
Module 2: Focusing and journeying deeper – The Companion´s Path (24th October to 28th November)
Module 3: Focusing and the joy of the senses – body fullness companioning (5th Dec to 23rd Jan)
Module 4: Focusing and Going solo; journeying in confidence and foundations of guiding (30th Jan 6th March)
Module 5: Deeper and Further; seasoning your Focusing and Listening practice (13th March 8th May)


Module 1 overview (First Steps on your Focusing Journey) offers
[Module 1 is the first of a five-module (5 x 6 weeks) program]


Module 1 Content

  • A comprehensive introduction to focusing
  • Allow you to engage in focusing partnerships
  • Exploring the landscape – Focusing and silent listening
  • Describing and resonating
  • Letting it be there as fully as it wants

What can you expect in any one session

  • Hear and see the others as you interact and explore focusing
  • Do exercises, demonstrations and receive instructions
  • Practice focusing within the sessions with other participants
  • Connect with individuals and the whole group (up to 8)
  • Reading and Focusing partnerships ongoing

This online course offers a very convenient way of developing your focusing skills providing you with the opportunity to participate from the comfort of your home.
The course will be offered with Zoom online platform.


Suggested price range per module (€150 - €250) If you can offer more, you facilitate the possibility of participation of other people who need support at this time.
This is a year-long course and process, so no separated modules can be taken, you will be journeying with the same group for the length of time of the whole course. Payments can then be done at every module. Once you sign up for this course you commit yourself to the 5 modules.


For more information contact Marta:
Phone: 087 2031764

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