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TIFI Felt Sense Conference 
"Spirituality and the Murky Edge"

When: January 19 - 22, 2023 

Where: Online

"Spirituality and the Murky Edge"
presenters include John Keane and Marta Fabregat



The Felt Sense Conference began in 2018 to honor the legacy of Gene Gendlin by exploring the many facets of felt sensing. The image for the conference is a bridge as a reminder that when we honor the felt sense, it carries us forward to new territory. We explore together the next bridges to cross, from where we are now to the next right place to go.

The exciting news about this conference is that there are 2 members for the Irish Focusing Network presenting at the conference. Both John Keane and Marta Fabregat will be presenting on the Friday of the conference and we wish them and all the presenters and deep and meaningful conference.


John Keane - BioSpirituality and the Murky Edge - An Exploration of the Role of the Felt Sense in Spirituality

Fr. Peter Campbell, co-founder of the BioSpiritual Institute often stated that any serious spiritual research “must” contain some dimension of the role of felt sensing. In this workshop, we will examine this statement in terms of: read more..



marta fabregat

Marta Fabregat - Sensed Ecology, the green breath within: How spiritual nature connection can affect change in our everyday focusing practice /Ecología sentida, el aliento verde interior: cómo la conexión espiritual con la naturaleza puede afectar el cambio en nuestra práctica diaria de Focusin

Have you ever been in silence, unhurried and without time in a forest, letting yourself feel in touch with the life that occurs there from within? more and bio




Date: January Thurs 19 - Sunday 22, 2023 

Time: Thursday 11pm - Sunday 7pm Irish Standard Time

Where: Online

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