Focusing in Ireland

Focusing in Dublin

Following the International Focusing Institute's Advanced and Certification Weeklong in Tallaght Dublin, Marie McGuigan composed this beautiful poem encapuslating her experience and, I can safely say, the experience of many others. It was truly a special place to be and it is wonderfully captured in Marie's poem.


Focusing in Dublin

A tender loving caring experience - How needed is that in our world just now?

Sensate, wholesome fullness, international connections,

Cross lingual, cross generational, cross ethnicity, cross cultural

Into a listening that precedes language, experiencing without words

That power of listening, attuning, giving and receiving

Joy in the new and the familiar focusing fellows - global focusing

Guided morning yoga merging body, mind and spirit

Soul nourishment inside and out

Home groups where home felt both transformative and healing

Walking in the beauty of the resting, riveting, red sea of leaves

The Walled Garden, The Labyrinth and The Walnut Tree

Surrounded in indigenous earth culture, a forever home for all.

Ar scáth a cheile a mhaireann na daoine

Scáth means both shelter and shadow - It is in each other's shelter/shadow  that the people live

Warmest love and blessings to all from the amazing weeklong and all at the Irish Focusing Network

Marie Mc Guigan


red leaves

Poetry Corner

This is a great opportunity to share our favourite poets and poems using Focusing to gently evoke felt senses, felt meanings, symbols, and memories.

In the following poetry offerings, you are invited to click on the image of your poetry choice, and allow yourself to rest into the guidance, the silences, the resonances with the words, or lines from the poem. To further explore the focusing way with poetry click here to access our main poetry page.
Deeply, Deeply, Deeply
by Marie Mc Guigan
Recited by Marie Mc Guigan It has been a pure gift to join the Irish Focusing Network on zoom weekly in giving and receiving, helping me to connect deeply with how I am carrying it all at this time..

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by Rainer Maria Rilke
Recited by Marie Mc Guigan For our third offering of the Irish Focusing Network's Poetry Corner I have choosen a poem called Breath by Rainer Maria Rilke.

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Ask Me
by William Stafford
Recited by Tom Larkin This poem was chosen by Tom Larkin. Watch the video below to hear Tom recite the poem and offer some guidance along with it. You are in for a treat with Tom's offering.

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For Beauty
by John O'Donohue
Recited by Marie McGuigan This poem was chosen by Marie McGuigan. I hope you enjoy this offering and your own focusing time with the poem/blessing.

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