Focusing in Ireland

Welcome to our Professional/Practitioner Page

You can learn Focusing on your own through reading and following some of the resources on our Resources Page. However, many people like to have a guide and an opportunity to learn from people who have advanced along the Focusing path and also embody Focusing in their everyday lives.

This page directs you to members who are qualified Focusing Professionals, and can help you navigate your own inner world with the support of Focusing. Our Focusing teachers run introductory and more advanced courses for those who might wish to obtain different levels of certificates in Focusing. Once you have integrated and embodied Listening in the Focusing way, you are welcome to join our Weekly Online Gatherings.

And finally, some members are coordinators and they can certify you to become a Focusing professional/practitioner or teacher.


Marie is a caring, intuitive and experienced therapist and teacher. Her work is deep, yet gentle and nurturing.


Focusing has given me incredible freedom and a greater connection to life and the world around me. I want to share that with you.


Focusing has helped me realise that we have a natural capacity to tap into a life-forward direction - sometimes we just need to re-discover that.


I was drawn to Focusing as a result of deep suffering. Focusing helped me to be with my pain just as it was which, ironically, helped it to change.

Marie Mc Guigan Focusing


I love the gentleness of the Focusing process and the invitational Focusing language. This strengthens self-compassion and compassion for others.


I love Focusing because it enables me to be with myself- gently, compassionately, and lovingly. Because of Focusing, I know what is right for me.


Hi, my name is John Keane.
I am the International Director of the BioSpiritual Institute. I am based in Dublin.


Focusing offers me a beacon of light that points to my experience as it is in each moment. It is a joy to be part of the Irish Focusing community.


Focusing is a thread in my personal and professional life of relationality, connection, philosophy, simplicity, possibility and surprise.


I have a life before Focusing and one after Focusing. In embracing Focusing, I changed my life, relationships and work for the better.

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