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About Me

Since I first encountered Focusing over 25 years ago, I really appreciate the way it has helped me in different aspect of my life: to find a life-forward direction when something felt stuck, to enhance my creative side, to find new ways to facilitate fresh ideas in business communications and, through contact with a worldwide Focusing community, to make great friendships.

My approach

Since Focusing is a natural process, my approach as a teacher is less about providing people with how-to techniques (though these are very useful) and more about facilitating people to discover what they already know – we know how to find a way forward when we pay attention to our inner and outer life more intentionally, with kindness and with compassion.

In many ways, Focusing is quite simple: we simply pause, we listen, we allow, we discern – with a kind compassionate stance towards ourselves. That way, what's fresh, what's new and right for us in this moment can emerge. And with practice, what's natural becomes even more so, something we do more deliberately as we navigate our way in the world -taking on our own personal challenges, finding a creative voice, developing and cherishing our relationships with others, creating new ideas and bringing them to the world.

Practical applications
Focusing can be applied in very concrete ways, and, frequently in collaboration with other teachers I offer Focusing-oriented group courses. Specific courses are run from time to time in the following areas.

  • Introduction to Focusing – about finding your own inner compass

  • Skills on listening – to self and others using Focusing as the basic method, including developing peer-to-peer listening partnerships

  • Decision- making – how to make wise ones for yourself

  • Developing Inner Resilience – combining Focusing and neuroscience

  • Focusing and Children – how to use Focusing in a gentle way with children you live or work with, including self-care for yourself as a parent, grandparent, teacher, therapist or youth worker.

  • How to 'Say What You Mean' – using Focusing to express what you want to say in clear, creative ways

  • Developing fresh thinking in an area of interest – based on a Focusing-oriented process called Thinking At the Edge, a practice developed by Eugene Gendlin. This practice is about thinking through new ideas or concepts in areas that you know well and have something to say that the world needs.

  • One-to-one - Learning Focusing on a one-to-one basis is also available. I offer individual Focusing sessions where people have the opportunity to explore some particular aspects of their experience, their own lives.

  • Teacher training - As a coordinator with the International Focusing Institute, I mentor teachers to gain certification as a Focusing Trainer or Focusing Professional (using Focusing in your work). There is a clear pathway to follow and I act as a guide along the way. More details on request



Certified Focusing Trainer with The International Focusing Institute
Coordinator with TIFI
Mindfulness Teacher, MTAI
Group Work Facilitator

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