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Gendlin, Eugene. “Focusing - How to gain direct access to your body’s knowledge” (25th Anniversary Edition). Rider Books, London 2003.






Weiser Cornell, Ann - "The Power of Focusing: Finding Your Inner Voice". New Harbinger Publications April 1996





Bio Spiritual


Campbell, Peter & McMahon, Edwin. “Bio-Spirituality; Focusing as a way to grow” (2nd. Edition). Loyola Press, Chicago, 1997.







Weiser Cornell, Ann & McGavin Barbara. “The Radical Acceptance of Everything: Living A Focusing Life”.  Calluna Press, 2005.





Many articles by or on Eugene Gendlin’s work – free access by the Gendlin Online Library


Interviews with people involved in different aspects of Focusing – video and audio material


The British Focusing Association website also has a wide range of articles and blogs on their website


Ann Weiser Cornell – “The Power of Listening” access at:



Articles by members of the Irish Focusing Network



Focusing Websites:

The International Focusing Institute:

The British Focusing Association:

Ann Weiser Cornell - Focusing Resources -

The BioSpiritual Institute, Inc. -


Children's Focusing

The International Focusing Institute Children's Focusing -




Book: Focusing with Children by Marta Staapert




Recommended YouTube


You will find lots of videos on YouTube but Nada Lou's Channel in particular is very informative:
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