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Gendlin, Eugene. “Focusing - How to gain direct access to your body’s knowledge”. Rider Books, London 2003.






Weiser Cornell, Ann - "The Power of Focusing: Finding Your Inner Voice". New Harbinger Publications April 1996





Bio Spiritual


Campbell, Peter & McMahon, Edwin. “Bio-Spirituality; Focusing as a way to grow” (2nd. Edition). Loyola Press, Chicago, 1997.







Weiser Cornell, Ann & McGavin Barbara. “The Radical Acceptance of Everything: Living A Focusing Life”.  Calluna Press, 2005.





Many articles by or on Eugene Gendlin’s work – free access by the Gendlin Online Library


Interviews with people involved in different aspects of Focusing – video and audio material


The British Focusing Association website also has a wide range of articles and blogs on their website


Ann Weiser Cornell – “The Power of Listening” access at:

The Play of Felt Sensing

Experiments in The Play of Felt-Sensing

Australian researcher, Focusing Teacher, Greg Walkerden and Psychotherapist and Focusing Teacher, Jane Quayle, have been developing ways of how felt-sensing might come into play in ordinary conversations, in idea generation or problem solving in the workplace/communities and in how the whole field of felt-sensing might broaden out beyond the traditional Focusing model, centred on Focusing alone or in partnership.

They have called this work Experiments in the Play of Felt-Sensing. They have been running courses inviting Focusers to try out these experiments for themselves. They have generously made all these available for free for use and experiment by Focusers, who are free to use them in their own practice and teaching. They simply ask that the source of them is credited to Greg Walkerden and Jane Quayle. They are copyright free.

Some of the ‘experiments’ are quite simple, some more complex, depending on the context. It might be interesting for IFN members to get together and experiment and see what emerges.

1 & 2 - Letting felt meaning function richly in conversation handout.pdf

3 - Explicating your felt sense of someone you know well handout.pdf

4 - Feeling me in us.pdf

5 - Helping conversational partners use felt sensing microprocesses.pdf

6 - Exploring how conversational scaffolds create spaces for felt sensing.pdf

Articles from members of the Irish Focusing Network




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Book: Focusing with Children by Marta Staapert




Children and "Grief", a 'living' process Paper

Harriët Teeuw and René Veugelers wrote an excellent and informative article on Children and Grief which is on the website
Click here to read this paper

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