Irish Focusing Network

What is the Irish Focusing Network?

The Irish Focusing Network is a network of people who share an interest in Focusing. Most members are people who use Focusing in their personal lives as a self-care practice and to enhance personal growth. Others use it in their professional lives and some teach Focusing to individuals or groups. The Network was established to bring people together for learning and support. It also aims to foster and promote Focusing in Ireland. 


There are different strands within the Network which include the weekly online gathering where members share Focusing time, a practice group for those new to Focusing, and a group for Focusing trainers/facilitators. Members who wish to set up a group that has a particular interest in an aspect of Focusing are welcome to do so, with the possibility of using Network’s facilities to host gatherings.

Who can join?

Membership of the association is open to anyone who knows the basics of Focusing and has completed a Focusing and Listening level/module.

If you would like more information or are interested in joining the Network, please contact us through Contact Form on the website.


Benefits of the Irish Focusing Network

Benefits for New Focusers

If you are new to Focusing and want to explore more then you are in the right place. On this website you have access to an ever expanding collection of resources on our resources page, which has recommended books, documents, video etc. You will also find Professional/Practitioners, Teachers and Coordinators local to you. Our members will be offering Introductory courses online and in person depending on the area you are in. If you have any questions please get in touch by clicking here.

Benefits for Experienced Focusers

Joining the Irish Focusing Network has several benefits for experienced focusers. We aim to create a space where focusers can connect and grow as a community. We hope this space will encourage members to collaborate together and, where roundtable discussions may emerge, to nurture and support Focusing in Ireland. The network hosts online events, such as our weekly online gatherings. For more information on membership please contact us here or go to our membership page where you can register online.

Benefits for Professionals/Teachers/Co-ordinators

Another of the Irish Focusing Network's main goals is to promote Focusing in Ireland, therefore being part of the Irish Focusing Network, enables you to connect with people who would like to learn Focusing. You can avail of a profile page to share your contact details, let people know what services you offer and promote courses you may be hosting. It also connects you with other teachers and coordinators in Ireland and together we can explore and promote Focusing. For more information on membership please contact us here or go to our membership page where you can register online.

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