Focusing in Ireland

STUCK and PAINFUL by Denise Durocher

Sometimes, when I do my check-in, something feels stuck in my throat.
I’ve always thought that this is a sign that a particular something, at this particular moment needs to be expressed. The “something stuck” needs a voice.
It also feels like there are a bunch of porcupine quills sticking in my throat and they hurt so much, that whatever needs to be expressed, gets discouraged and withdraws in silence…again.
With Focusing, I can tell that scared something that I hear it, that I know it is there, and that with the help of a listening partner, I can slowly remove the quills one by one.
It may take more that one session, it may still hurt, but I trust that the quills will come out and that the voice will be free.

Stuck and Painful

Denise Durocher, Ottawa
Textile art piece:
Hand and machine-stitched fabric, porcupine quills, and embroidery floss.

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