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On Dragonfly Wings by Maggie Mc Carney - Offering No. 2

Offered by Marie Mc Guigan


Maggie Mc Carney is a friend and former colleague of mine who has recently published her first book of poetry reflections called "Luminosity, Words of Reflection".

In the introduction Maggie describes herself as "one of life's reflectors" drawing on her deep love of Ireland and its natural landscapes. There are beautiful images in the book by Tiernach Mc Dermott with thought provoking questions to ponder. I would suggest one could focus with the questions posed.  

Maggie has drawn from her own experiences during the recent pandemic "when the world came to a standstill". She states "It appears the time for change has arrived and these reflections are an invitation to embrace the challenge, so we humans and our beautiful planet can recover". Such poignant words that I can identify with.

I have many favourites from this collection for example "Inner Gaze" and "Depth". I have chose to draw on the focusing process reciting "On Dragonfly Wings" experiencing some shifts and changes in relation to my own lived experiences over the past eighteen months. The words and illustrations prompted me to be still, be present and to reflect deeply on life during this global pandemic.

I want to thank Maggie for giving permission to focus with one of her poems for the Irish Focusing Network website. I shall share a focusing reflection below.


On Dragonfly Wings

Maggie Mc Carney

I awakened in the dawn hours,
In a space between
Dreams and conscious awareness,

To witness two of these winged beauties
Casting shadows on the ceiling above

Their presence extending
An invitation to find patience and peace,
To withdraw, nymph-like, from the world.

Cocooning into an internal space
And await a time when it is safe
To rise with wings outstretched
With joy and light -

An opportunity to delve into the depths
Of long-held emotions,
To gain clarity and insight,
Releasing all illusion.

Accessing fragility....and out of this,
Finding strength and agility.

The luminosity of their wings
Spoke of a brighter, more colourful world,

One evolving and emerging
When this isolation is complete.

Will the distancing - now occurring -
In time, bring a closeness and joy

We have all yearned for?

Beautiful totems of transformation,
Carry us on your wings
To our highest potential.

So that we may live
In this beautiful world
As the true loving spirits
That we are.


As I engaged with the focusing process after reading the poem aloud, two phrases resonated for me.

"Accessing fragility....and out of this

Finding strength and agility."

I could sense into my own sense of fragilty and the words that came for me were "vulnerability, with times of a new found strength" as well as the phrase "two sides of the same coin". The meaning for me comes as something like alongside that vulnerabilty there is a something new emerging, like a new found strength I didn't have before.

The second phrase is "in time, bring the closeness and joy we have all yearned invitation to find patience and peace". I can sense something like a "fuller feeling" in the whole middle area of my torso. I connect with not taking for granted the little things in life - and I am aware there is much more in my focusing process to return too at another time.
John O'Donahue says "beauty is so quietly woven through our ordinary days we hardly notice it". Focusing help us to notice.

Marie Mc Guigan

15th October 2021


Luminosity by Maggie McCarney

"On Dragonfly Wings"  taken from "Luminosity, Words of Reflection" with permission of author Maggie Mc Carney. 


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