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Report on the AGM 2023

We are very grateful to all the people who attended the AGM on January 17th The interest and engagement of those who attended and their obvious commitment to developing the Network was very heartening. It was also lovely to listen as people spoke about what our Network means to them and what they value about it. We could list some of what they said, but Caroline Moore has created a far more inspiring record through illustrations like the one on the right. You will find others dotted through the report.

2022 in brief…. AGM Word Leaf

  • Membership has grown.

  • Online Focusing - over 40 sessions hosted by our Zoom volunteers.

  • Marie McGuigan and Elaine Goggin have offered bi-monthly sessions on Focusing with Poetry.

  • 3 Workshops online:
    • Rennie Buenting – The approaches of Gene Gendlin and Anne Weiser Cornell
    • Therese Ryan - The Enneagram and Focusing
    • Mary Jennings – Saying More of What You Mean

  • September in-person gathering of the Network at the Margaret Aylward Centre in Glasnevin. John Keane, Mary Jennings and Tom Larkin offered workshops.

  • Practice sessions for new Focusers supported by Jayne Goulding and Kay McKinney

  • 3 Newsletters created and distributed to members.

  • New additions to resources on website thanks to members who suggested them

  • Some of our members have successfully completed certification as Focusing professionals, trainers or co-ordinators.

  • Focusing Advanced and Certification Weeklong hosted by The International Focusing Institute took place in Dublin in October attended by a number of members.


Current financial situation:

AGM Finance
This year, we were able to hold an in-person gathering for the first time with a further event planned for March. While we welcome this new opportunity, it has brought new costs – primarily because of the need for insurance cover. This has meant that we ran a deficit for last year. Because our costs for the past two years were very low, we have a financial cushion which has allowed us to absorb this – but this will not be the case in future. For that reason the committee proposed the following changes to subscriptions:
Increase membership subscription for 2023 as follows

      • Membership €30
      • Profile membership €40
      • For in-person gatherings - operate a sliding scale
        • Regular price €35
        • Modified price €30

Attendees may choose to offer a supporting contribution in excess of this if they wish.
The members who were present supported the proposal. New membership subscriptions will apply from January this year when renewals are due. You can renew your membership here.


Update on Zoom Sessions: Elaine Goggin outlined the results of the survey which was conducted in recent months. This showed a clear preference for reducing the number of online sessions to two a month and standardising when they occur. From February 2023, online sessions will take place on the 1st Wednesday of each month and on the 3rd Monday. The dates for February then, for example will be Wednesday, 1st and Monday, 20th. Our Network is an ever-evolving process, so we will keep this under review and invite feedback on how the new arrangements are working for you.

The survey also showed a high level of interest in regular “focusing conversations” which would provide an opportunity for members to discuss Focusing related topics of interest to them. If there are themes which members would like to explore, we invite you to contact us using the contact form on the website, which you will find here.


Lookig Forward
Our sincere thanks, again to everyone who attended. Your suggestions and contributions to the discussion have shaped an agenda for the committee over the coming months.
Following on from the AGM, the committee will be exploring:

  • Follow up on Regional Focusing points
  • How we might encourage and facilitate regular “focusing conversations” and occasional Members only workshops.
  • Explore Unincorporated Association v Charity status
  • Providing further opportunities for in-person gatherings


Update on progress since January:
A further


Some  words shared about the Irish Focusing Nerwork on the night of the AGM.

AGM Word Tree


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